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When the time comes to restore a broken or decayed tooth, we invite you to visit Arlington Dental Excellence and choose from a wide variety of dental restorations. During your initial oral exam, Dr. Layth Ghanim will assess your oral health and discuss your preferences before recommending the best possible treatment for your smile. We are pleased to offer several options for dental crowns and bridges.

Dental Crowns
Dental crowns, also known as caps, serve multiple purposes for your smile. A custom-made dental crown can fit over the entire tooth to strengthen damaged tooth structure, build up a broken tooth, or provide a more aesthetic appearance. Our dental crowns range from zirconia to full gold, allowing you to choose a material that best fits your smile goals. With the advancement of modern dentistry solid Zirconia dental crowns happen to be the absolute best dental crowns, and that’s is due to them being able to uphold the toughest circumstances, and being very aesthetic at the same time. Before Zirconia came around we used all porcelain crowns but now a days with all the research that has been done it has been scientifically proved that Zirconia can uphold forces 3-4 times those of porcelain. Ar Arlington Dental Excellence we stand behind all our restorations and we do our absolute best to give our patients restorations that last for life.

Dental Bridges
A dental bridge can replace one or more missing teeth in a row by literally bridging the gap. Dental crown on each end anchor the bridge to the surrounding teeth, creating long-lasting support. Like our crowns, our dental bridges can be made from metal, zirconium, or porcelain.

Our dentist and team take pride in creating high-quality restorations at affordable prices. We utilize a CEREC® machine to create our restorations in as little as a single visit so that you can wear your new crown or bridge home on the first day. Contact our office at 703-525-0157 to learn more about receive a custom-made dental bridge or dental crown in Arlington, Virginia.

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