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InvisalignIn the past, if you wanted a straighter smile, you could only choose metal brackets and wires. Today, modern dentistry has enabled dentists to provide more discreet and comfortable solutions, such as Invisalign®. Arlington Dental Excellence can help you realign your smile with clear, removable aligners that are custom made to fit your unique dental arch. Call our dentist, Dr. Layth Ghanim, and team at 703-525-0157 today to schedule an appointment and find out if Invisalign in Arlington, Virginia, is right for you!

Like traditional braces, Invisalign is used to correct a number of orthodontic issues, including crowded and crooked teeth, gapped teeth, and malocclusions (bad bites; this includes overbites, open bites, underbites, and crossbites).

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign consists of a series of clear plastic aligners to provide you with an effective, discreet orthodontic treatment. As your treatment progresses, you will switch to a new set of clear aligners. With each new set of aligners, small changes will be made to the alignment of your teeth, gradually moving your teeth into their optimal positions so that you can enjoy a healthy, attractive smile.

Because your aligners are made of clear plastic, they are nearly invisible to everyone around you, allowing you to continue smiling with confidence throughout your treatment. Your aligners are also removable, making it easy for you to eat, brush, and floss as normal. Remember, the more you wear your aligners, the more progress you will achieve. You should wear your aligners 22-24 hours each day, only removing them to eat, brush, and floss.

We also recommend that you clean your aligners regularly. If your aligners are not cleaned often, they can cause your teeth to appear stained, gray, or yellowed in appearance.

Arlington Dental Excellence offers free Invisalign consultations, during which we will take all necessary impressions and X-rays for your treatment. These materials will then be sent to Invisalign, who will send us a video projecting the final result of your treatment. Our Invisalign pricing starts at $2600.

To schedule your complimentary Invisalign consultation with our dentist, please contact our practice today.

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