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Dental crowns: which, why, and when

What type of dental crowns are the best fit and why? In this blog, we will address when dental crowns are needed and what are the options we have. Many of us were told by their dentist that they need a dental crown and were given all those different types for example zirconia, PFZ, Porcelain, PFM,… Read more »

Has Your Young Child Been to the Dentist Yet?

Has your young child been to the dentist yet? Once your child reaches one year of age, they should be brought into Arlington Dental Excellence for an oral examination to ensure their oral health is going along smoothly. If you ever have any questions or concerns, you can always ask your dentist. We are here… Read more »

How well are you brushing your teeth?

The first step is to choose a good toothbrush to brush your teeth with. You always want to use a soft brush with a small head. A soft brush is hard enough to remove plaque, yet gentle enough not to damage your teeth or gums. The next issue is to select good toothpaste. In general,… Read more »

How to Floss Your Teeth

The surfaces between teeth are not easily accessible by toothbrush; therefore, the best way to clean them is by flossing. The ideal frequency for flossing is like brushing: ideally after each meal, though one time a day (before going to bed) is the minimum necessary. To start, cut a piece of dental floss (approximately 2… Read more »

Electric Toothbrush vs Manual Brushes

There have been multiple studies comparing the effectiveness of Electric Toothbrush vs Manual Brushes. Although not all electric brushes are the same, these studies conclude that, in general, electric brushes are more efficient in controlling plaque than manual brushes. Theoretically, you can do a very good brushing with a regular hand brush, but the movements… Read more »

Halitosis treatment in Arlington

There are a few different causes of bad breath. Ranging from stomach problems to diet and teeth problems, most of the causes can be found in the mouth. They are: Tongue (when bacteria grows in between the papilla) Teeth cavities (especially when food particles get stuck in them) Gum diseases Extraction sites during healing Dentures… Read more »

Dental Health and Diet

Is your diet affecting your teeth? Sugar is the main cause of dental decay when bacteria are present. However, the frequency of your sugar consumption is more significant than the amount of sugar you eat. Probably the worst thing you can do to your teeth is to drink a soda and have a sip every… Read more »

Fluoride Decay Prevention

Prevent Tooth Decay with Fluoride Treatments Many years ago scientists started to notice that children who were born and raised in areas with natural fluoride in drinking water had fewer cavities than children in other areas. Fluoride absorbed by your body when teeth were forming (during mother’s pregnancy to early childhood) integrates into the structure… Read more »

What is The Effect of Emotional Health on My Teeth?

We are all guilty of stressing over work, family, or personal issues – but did you know that stress can be harmful to us in many ways? Other than the obvious burden on our emotional wellbeing, it can also harm physical health by increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke, affecting sleep and memory,… Read more »

Which Mouthwash is the Right One for Me?

Sometimes we see ourselves in the middle of the aisle at the store not sure which mouth wash to pick and if they are all the same or is one better than the other. It is usually hard to pick which mouthwash is the right one for you. Here, we break down the label on… Read more »